Sunday, December 04, 2005

Hee Hee! Blervghsjanadf!

Ooh, very good tree trimming party at the Sexy Attorney's. Brandy Alexanders + champagne + Nantucket Sleigh Rides (not sure about the Nantucket part) and lots of hors d'oeuvres...salmon and brie and shrimp and bean thingy (not all together). So much boozey goodness. And you should see my new Christmas cards--George Bush viewing the body of the late Pope, with a thought bubble, saying, "Who killed Santa?" SACRILICIOUS!!!

It was a lovely way to end an excellent weekend of camping and hiking and scromping (lovely college word) in a tent and buying fabulous ceramics from a potter friend. A quick shower and festive getup and then someone hands me a frozen, ice creamy bevvie with nutmeg and vanilla ice cream and a heavily laden holiday brandy buzz, and man, I LOVE living here. The Wench started an accidental drunken racial slurring (insinuating that all black people must know each other), which made all of us launch into some kind of tirade, like asking the Sexy Attorney why she didn't have a sombrero tree topper and how strange it was that she is Latino and yet has a law degree. I think I asked her if she bought her degree online, and we all snorted Brandy Alexanders out of our noses. Wench was a great sport, as always, even when we called for another "Brandy for the Bigot!" In all fairness, she was wasted, and I think something came out wrong without her realizing it, and Vince aside, we're all pretty damned liberal around here, poor thing, so she really got it. And drunk. Let's not forget drunk. Ben was photographing everyone's cleavage--convenient for him, since he's 6'7". Ooh, and he brought the gay merman ornament for the tree. Amanda brought the Jesus sock monkey. Even the dog was drunk, since she got into everyone's empty glasses. We all directed Daisy to keep one paw on the floor at all times.

Sounds like Amanda is downstairs listening to Angst Rock right now. My floor is vibrating.

We also looked online to see if any good bands are playing for New Years this year. Alas, none are. We checked Seattle, Austin, New York, Chicago, Prague, Paris, London, someplace in Spain I am too drunk to remember, San Francisco, etc, etc, and NO ONE is playing. What the? I guess we just lucked out last year...

Oof, so tired. Oh and out of champagne. Boo.

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