Thursday, November 10, 2005

Oh the incompetence

So I get to work early, right, to get that press release finished by 8:00. It was good stuff too, if I do say so myself. Very aggressive writing, punchy, dripping with nuance. Anyway, I send it to my boss, fully expecting him to leap on it and turn it around so we can get it to Puerto Rico immediately. Because after he ruined my night and left me voicemails and emails about what an emergency this was, he's definitely going to pounce on it right away...or by noon...or by afternoon...or maybe by freaking close of business???? WTF?

So I finally badger him into scanning it (several emails later) and he sends it back saying, "There are some spelling errors (chose) comes to mind."

Chose? CHOSE!?! The ass clown doesn't think that "chose" is an actual word. Not to mention, you can clearly see he has no effing CLUE about normal sentence structure. DICK! HEAD!

There weren't any goddamn typos in that press release. This is the guy who frequently tries to instruct me to use the word "architected" in business language, so I don't think he's in any position to give me proper direction. So I send it to the CEO who approves it and off to Puerto Rico it goes, and then my stupid boss decides to finally respond to my email hours after I mailed it to him, telling me not to send it until we've had time to talk and he can provide input. Frankly, I don't want his input. It's going to be stupid anyway. Plus, it was just too damned late. But he was in such a foul temper (I don't know why, since presumably he got more than a couple of hours' sleep, since he was NOT AWAKE writing press releases), I thought I'd better wait to tell him the CEO already gave me the okay.

Would it kill the fates to just give me a competent boss for once?


Nothing But Bonfires said...

So he thought it should have been....CHOOSED? What?

Marcheline said...

Okay, Jem - here's the deal. When you find a competent boss, you let me know. I'll call the news crews, and we'll get that sucker on tape. It's bound to be a first, and the world will want to know about it.

I won't be holding my breath in the meantime, though. I have been through very similar scenes myself.

One of my favorites is: Boss comes in at 1:30 in the afternoon. You have been there since 8am. Boss waits until 4:50pm to call you in for a conference / give you a project / discuss the meaning of life. To them, it's only the early part of their day. If you get itchy and want to go home at 5, they act like you're ripping them off.

Bosses - argh!

- M