Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Oh Boy...Asshat's Back

I have a new Nerve (you may recall the old boss, a massive incompetent ass hat). Well my new boss just called me while I was in the middle of bathing a three year old (babysitting, not my three year old) and said he needs a press release written right now. It's NINE O'CLOCK AT NIGHT! At the time, I didn't even have my computer with me. I'm also sick. And tired and snotty. And my ears hurt. And they only pay me to work from 8:30 to 5:30, and I think that's ample. Granted, I spend a large part of that time reading blogs and web surfing, but I comfort myseld that I'm keeping abreast of the global technology trends. Anyway...I was looking forward to taking an extremely hot shower, slucking back a hot toddy and some Amoxicillin (God, I'm hot) and going to bed. Now I'll be up all night working on a press release that won't get approved by our client for about a month anyway, while I will get shat upon by the new Ass Clown every twenty minutes until it gets the stamp of approval (like any of this is my fault). I wonder what would happen if I slipped a Xanax into his Red Bull. The man needs to CALM THE FUCK DOWN!

And I don't have my computer electrical cord, so i need to come up with something brilliant in 2:45. Dammit. I'm so screwed.

I have a question. Is it lazy of me not to want to do this press release? This is, after all, my job. Is it unreasonable for me to think of my workaholic, yet extremely moronic, boss with disdain right now? Is it okay to give him the mental finger right now? I don't want him dead or anything, but a nice hemorrhoid wouldn't come amiss.

I wish that A.S. were around for me to whine to. He's awfully comforting and manages to calm me down and pep me up at the same time. That and he makes good coffee. Sigh...


Anonymous said...
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Alexandrialeigh said...

Well, if you really think he's as bad as Asshat #1, he must be pretty freaking bad. So sorry!

At least you're getting paid more, though! ;)

(That's why you keep me around. I try to put things into perspective.)