Sunday, November 06, 2005

Long Time No Blog

I've been gone so long, I feel like cyber space has a dial tone.

Here's what I've been doing. Last weekend, I ran a marathon. Tomorrow I have to go to Kansas for work...for the day. Ew. Friday I was in Clemson visiting A.S. in his empty, monastic apartment. Saturday I was in Charlotte to visit godchild, friends and to see Cirque du Soleil (v. awesome). Today, I drove home and am packing. I'm already tired.

What's in Kansas? I bet it's just cold there and I won't like it. I think I should go into the Library Sciences. I bet they don't make you travel to stupid places if you're a librarian.

I'm debating taking a different job, because the one I have now is hideously boring and unfulfilling. But A.S. and I are discussing moving to San Francisco next fall, and that would mean two jobs in one year, which always looks bad on a resume. What to do...


Marcheline said...

You saw Cirque du Soleil? I am completely and utterly jealous - I've wanted to see that forever. Tickets are only, what, $200 a pop? Something heinous, as I recall. I hope you had a blast - the memories will hopefully help you recover from Kansas disease *snicker*.

SO glad you're back. The blogging world is a bit sunnier now!

- M

Jemima said...

Well, they weren't THAT expensive, but I was buying them for three people, since I took my friends Helen and Brian in Charlotte. I'd neglected to get them birthday presents, so Varekai was it. BOY, was it ever cool. I was awestruck the entire time.

And no snickering about my Kansas Disease.

Bear said...

Hey! You're back!! How cool is that?!?! We were worried about you!! We thought that you had fallen into a hole, or perhaps had gotten caught in some farm machinery or that a heavy piece of furniture had fallen on you (I secretly harbored a sneaking suspicion that your eyelashes had gotten caught in the freezer door, but I wisely kept that one to myself!)

Anyway, I'm so glad you're back. You left a sad empty spot. Please don't call any future blogs 'Oy'.. I've been looking at that one for months... may I suggest 'Sheesh!' or perhaps 'Yikes!' for future blog titles.

All kidding aside, Jemima, I'm thrilled you are back, and look forward to reading your stuff, so get to it, girl!!

Take care,