Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Can't run faster than Charlie the Horse


Forgive me for shrieking, but I am bowed up with leg cramps. Stupid pointy heels. I shot out of bed at four this morning clutching my calf and swearing and it's only gotten worse. And yes, I've eaten bananas.

Not nice.

Then I had to get up at six to run for the first time since the marathon (lazy bastard that I am). So spent all day dragging around in a fog with three hours' sleep PLUS had the completion of my six month (nine month actually) review. The boss was interrupting me left and right and screaming at me about some unfinished project when I decided things were getting entirely out of hand. So I said, "May I please finish what I was saying...You're sitting here yelling at me about X, Y and Z, which you will recall I asked you to assist me with six weeks ago with constant reminders since then. I am one person doing the work of about six, plus half of your sales research. If it was so all-fired important, then you would have made it a priority and responded to my request...now about that raise."

So I got my raise, retroactive to August (sweet) and actually made him apologize. Of course, then he went off and yelled at his poor acocunt execs. At least I'm not those poor guys.

Right now I am also taking care of a coworkers yellow Lab. She's a sweet old girl, but quite unable to get up and down my stairs alone, as she's about 12. But I certainly don't want to stay at the male coworker's house, because that's just kind of ew. Is it mean to make the old dog sleep at her house alone if I go there to let her out about five times a day? She's pacing around my apartment at the mo, and I think she needs to go out, but I'm a little concerned about carrying her down three flights of stairs in the rain. Groan.

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Marcheline said...

Charlie-horses SUCK. Even if the bananas work, because they only work AFTER the fact. And you've already gone through the pain and destroyed all your furniture by hopping around.

It's so lovely when the pain stops, though, isn't it?

Damn those high heels.