Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hic...oh hell

I have the hiccups.

And it's all Little Miss Nobody's fault. I got them halfway home from her place after she got me drunk (deliberately) on red wine and forced me to snuggle her dog all night. It was a devious plot, LMN! You satyr!

So am loaded, and you just TRY crutching up four flights of stairs on crutches. With hiccups. And a big roach attacked me on the second to last stair and I nearly had to start all over again.

Hic. Hic. Hic. Help me, Jebus. I'm going to die. Hate hiccups. Horrible debilitating, full body, torso pulsating, tonsil whiplash hiccups...sounds like cat with hairball.

Also, LMN got me addicted to Six Feet Under, my new favorite show which will take me from mere Satanic Cable Subscriber to full blown zealot HBO Junkie. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Anyway, I have a doctor's appt tomorrow, and MAYBE Old Dr. Poke n'Prod will will tell me to dig out my tap dancing shoes, and I can call LMN and beg her to run with me again. She will doubtless mock me for my Igor-esque running gate, but I WILL PREVAIL! DAMMIT!

Ooh, drunk. Going to bed. Snar.


Bear said...

Okay.. Look! You have me howling at 7AM, and I'm about ready to have a stroke from trying not to make any noise and wake Elysia (a.k.a. Marcheline)!! You are F-in' funny!

Good luck with the Doc, Jemima! I think you are lucky to have LMN for a friend...

Take Care,


Alexandrialeigh said...

In my defense, I hadn't seen you for ages, and I did ask whether you wanted the wine before I poured it into your glass.

As for Murphy, well, I'm sure he spent the night dreaming about your lap. He seemed pretty comfy...

Marcheline said...

Hey! You're a rip, you know that? I even like skimming over your blog entry titles - the word "craptacular" has got to be one of my all time faves.

Damn, if only you could get PAID for blogging.... sigh!