Monday, May 09, 2005


I got $125 in cash in my pocket from that silly driving test. I gotta dinner party. I gotta walking boot. My man's on his way. Who's your daddy?

Anyone ever heard of the Squirrel Nut Zippers? I'm listening to Blue Angel right now, and it puts me in a certain mood. Well, THE mood, if you will. But you know, that has a certain attitude too.

So sorry for not blogging for an ETERNITY. Cable took much longer to install than expected. You should see the ghetto installation job. He drilled two holes through the stucco of a 200 year old house, stapled the cables under my front door, all down the porch, down four storeys of house to the box. Sheesh. But since I have a skin graft scheduled for the 18th and needed some means of entertaining myself, it was absolutely imperative, aesthetics aside. So now the addiction has begun. I come in and wonder what's on television? And if nothing is on for the first go round, I will keep flipping through until something becomes palatable. sigh.

It's interesting blogging in my own living room, with my pecan tree out the window, my little Chinese fellow in the corner, my wildebeest peering down his long nose at me. I'm a tad flustered. It's so much easier to be witty when your editor could catch you. Hmph.


Bear said...


Its great to have you back, Jemima!

I hope the skin graft goes as easily and as quickly as is humanly possible.

You have had more than enough on your plate lately...

Alexandrialeigh said...

She's baaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaack!

So glad you're back with a vengeance. I doubt I'll see you before I leave and then you leave, but have a good time and we'll have plenty to catch up on when you get home, I'm sure!