Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Memorial Day Haze

I wish it were still the weekend...the long, sultry, glorious weekend. A.S. and I took off to his parents' country house, where it was all peace and quiet and the croaking vacuum frog. They have a beautiful view of the Intracoastal Waterway and a big yard full of oak trees and a long dock over the marsh into the creek. So Saturday we left at about noon with the pasta maker and his parents dogs and all our stuff and it was like throwing off all the tensions of the last weeks. The Lacto Pescetarian and the Sexy Attorney came out to lie on the dock and drink beer and holler at their pooches. The damned dogs kept jumping off the dock and swimming off into the hinterlands, which is really alright, because they're not stupid enough to drown and they WILL come back...but the peace and tranquility was frequently punctuated by "BELLA! DAISY! COME HERE! NOW! NOOOOOW!" and then the sounds of snorts and mocking laughter when the dogs blatantly ignored all arm waving and screeching. Dogs are funny.

The next morning, my two neighbors, plus two of my favorite people who used to be neighbors, showed up to go sailing on A.S.'s parents boat. It's an old 30 foot Sandpiper (I am estimating the size, because really I have no idea) and we motored up the creek and then unfurled the sails and popped open the champagne and had a FABULOUS time. We sloshed our way through the mimosas and screwdrivers and bloodies and beer, and had quite a jolly little adventure. And I didn't have to move my foot and the bemini top was down, so no sun on it either, so medically it had to be just as good as staying at home, right? Well, my doctor didn't say so, but what the hell does that quack know?

He did finally take the vacuum off today, and I have quite a scanty little Ace bandage on it now, that makes no noise whatsoever and requires no tubing. I also have new wooden crutches because the aluminum ones fell out of the back of the truck on the way back from the country and were demolished. It was a sad, sad fate. A.S. was mostly annoyed because we didn't realize they were gone until we were all the way back home and had to drive ALL the way back out there only to find them a sixteenth of a mile from his parents' house in little bits in a ditch. It was like Stand By Me. He was a little jerky about it, and I think he's had just about enough of me for now. So I've given him the week off... Don't call, Don't write. Well, he does have to call, but I don't want him doing anything else for me for awhile or he's probably going to break up with me for some non-needy bitch with six pack abs (whom I will promptly name Evangelina Vagina).

So back to work today. It was awfully scary and sucky and I have so much to do, I could have been there for a month and not gotten it all finished. I'm so fired.

Boy is this blog boring. I'm going.


Marcheline said...

Hi Jem,

It's late, I still have to feed the cats, and I don't have any clothes on yet. Not sure you needed to know that last bit, but I just wanted to say your blog wasn't boring - it was kinda cool. Gotta run! Now that I have to clock in for work, the pressure is really on.

- M

Anonymous said...
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