Sunday, May 22, 2005

How can I be tired...

...when I haven't done ANYthing?

Here's what I did today: woke up to my mom calling about 7:45 and ignored her phone call. Went back to sleep until 10, when A.S. had to leap straight out of bed and into his pants, etc. because he had his cousin's christening in 30 minutes. Then I had a friend come help me onto the porch where I sat in a beach chair with my foot up in the air for about an hour to get some sunlight. I also ate boiled peanuts and inspected my fig tree (Newton) for caterpillars and read another year's worth of Dooce archives. Then another friend helped me inside again, where I sat on the couch and watched bullshit TV all day. Then a third friend came and helped me from the couch to the bed again, and here I sit. Riveting, isn't it?

God, I'm fucking bored.

I miss Woo and running and strappy shoes and sandy toes and surfing and going out in the boat with friends and getting to be on top and cooking my own food and taking the stairs two at a time and not starting every sentence with "Will you please...?"

A.S. went out in the boat with his friends today to this deserted barrier island, where we've tried to go like EIGHT TIMES to find the most misto surf spot and he found it and surfed it without me. WITHOUT ME. God, I almost hated him a little, even though he's been nothing but nice to me all week. He's shown no signs of resentment or irritation and hasn't treated me like an invalid and is constantly offering to run errands or entertain me. I am so ungrateful. But I kind of wish he'd be a little pissed at me. Because I am. I'm pissed with me. I'm PISSED OFF.

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