Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The doctor's appointment went great. He did say another week of bedrest, but said I might be able to get the vacuum off by Friday (sweet holy Jebus). He also said I could go running within the month. A MONTH, PEOPLE! I was dreading this whole dissertation about having therapy and whatnot and taking it slow and "maybe by the end of the year." But a month! I nearly kissed him...wouldn't have been too terrible, since he's pretty hot (mrow). Ohmigod, I'm so excited now, I want to go pirouette around my apartment. He said he could tell I was a healthy person and said that this must be making me crazy, and that I ought to be up and about by the middle of next week. So Alexandrialeigh, I hope you haven't been running too much, because 1.5 months of sitting has not improved my stamina. Still, it's almost time to lace up my brand new, unblemished pair of trail runners! Hoorah!

I may have to crack open some wine to celebrate. God knows something has to make data entry (why is this MY job?) from home more interesting. I cannot believe they're getting their public relations manager to do CRM data entry on our competitors. I mean no disrespect whatsoever, but this is an EA's job. I realize they've never had a PR person before, but I really think my time would be better spent, and their money as well, if I could devote more of my time to press releases, press events and case studies than tooling around doing CRM. What a waste. Oh well, they're probably going to fire me soon anyway. Too much to do, too many meetings to discuss doing it rather than actually DOING the work, and too much busy stuff that I don't have time for, combined with being a gimp and not sitting at my desk or getting on the road. Wish that Assistant Editor job was still open.

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