Friday, May 20, 2005

Friday List

Jemima is a shameless present whore. Here are ten things nice people have sent her:

1. Bouquet of snapdragons and peonies (A.S. said they were "Pekingneses"
2. Bouquet of roses and snapdragons and Gerber daisies from people at office
3. Biscuits from Mr. Burbages and a DVD of Finding Neverland (vg)
4. Oatmeal peanut butter cocoa cookies that make you regular as well as taste good
5. Gift bag with bizarre movie trivia game, weirdo rumikub game (what the?) and ultrastink pink perfume--but, hey, it was a nice gesture
6. Two giant blow up photos of Woo's eyes and the tip of one of her soft, brown ears- my favorite
7. My new surfboard, The Surf Taco, which will never ever eat my foot. Well, actually, I paid for that, but it was still delivered and I like it
8. An omelette from my dad, WITH coffee
9. A shower curtain with hula dancers which I have been in love with for AGES (thanks Lacto Pescetarian!)
10. Bottle of Spanish wine that will go GREAT with my Percoset

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