Wednesday, May 11, 2005

drunk blogging

I should not be allowed to blather when i'm drunk, because I'm gross and spell Vietnam wrong.

Here is what I am eating for breakfast: spelt flakes with skim milk; blueberry-rhubarb pie with whipped cream. I just can't do healthy. I have to chase it with something that tastes good.

Here is what I dreamed about last night: I don't remember.

Here is how many times I woke up: about 865. Some bitch even called me with the wrong number at 6:30. WTF? and I'm always compelled to answer those because what if it's my mom calling me from the hospital because my dad's had a heart attack or something.

This pie is delicious, really. I made it for mother's day with the Carrera marble rolling pin they wouldn't let me bring on the plane in Italy. I haven't made real crust in a long time- Pillsbury is so much easier. The recipe called for cooking the rhubarb in sugar and lemon zest and cinnamon with corn starch for ten minutes, and I'm not sure I like that. It made the surface too flat, and I prefer my pies to be lumpy and REAL looking.

Work is great, although my To Do list has reached 18 pages and I told my boss to keep all of his brilliant ideas to himself for awhile until i'm caught up. Where do I even begin? writing press releases is harder than I thought, because saying the same thing over and over gets tedious and it's hard to pay attention. And in journalism, you write it, hand it in, and you're pretty much done. With this, it's got to go through your client's legal department, corporate communications department, etc, etc, and the finished product is so dry and devoid of information, you could use it as a communion wafer. And it takes FOREVER. One stupid two-page press release can take a MONTH to get approved. It makes me wild with fury when these damned corporate communications people say, "Oh...well, so and so left for vacation, so we'll get back to you in two weeks. Sorry." Fuckers!

But I'm still really enjoying all the people there. They've been super helpful about my foot and giving me time to go to the doctor's office and such. It still amazes me how driven and focused they all are. 200 highly motivated Gen Xers in one room. It reeks of wizardry.

Miss Nobody, it doesn't look like I'll see you before you go on vacation and I go to Quebec. I hope you have fun! Don't get too hungover; remember, one pint of water with three Advil before bed.

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