Thursday, May 26, 2005

Craptacular Conference Calling

I've had conference calls ALL DAY. And while I held my teensy cell phone with my shoulder, I tied ribbons around the invitations to our second office grand opening, hand addressed them, addressed the second envelope, stamped and return addressed them... and licked them. All 100 of them. Son of a....

It was almost as bad as being there. I do hate me a meeting. I especially hate it when people call meetings to plan agendas for other meetings. And people at my company LOVE THAT. Let's have a PLANNING MEETING. Deliver me, oh lord, from people who only plan and never do.

I did get my own back, when a certain person I work for asked me for the fifteenth three-month plan in two weeks. I asked him what he did with the 15 that I already sent him, which on top of fighting with him yesterday made me feel pretty good. Hmph. I like him generally, and he's great at his job. He just sucks at my job and needs to quit telling me how to do it.

So A.S. came over last night, and I feel terrible for him. I mean, I'm sick of me, so he must be stark raving mad by now. He comes here every morning to make me coffee, because he is a saint. And he makes the best coffee EVER. And he comes by after work to eat dinner and shoot the shit. Not that I have any shit that needs shooting, because the only interesting thing I do all day is read people's blogs. Otherwise, it's just work and lying around with my vacuum wishing I could go surfing. And he was so grumpy, poor thing, because he feels stuck in a rut. And I told him, "Welcome to my world," and I wish I hadn't said anything. I meant it humourously, but I think I should have just shutup and let him vent. Instead he felt bad for whining when i'm the one who's hurt. And he GETS to vent. Jesus, what that boy has put up with lately! And he still finds me attractive despite having put on about 8 lbs (none of it muscle or in good places) and having a big tube sticking out of my foot. He even SLEEPS here, which with the unceasing froglike noise of the vacuum is a big sacrifice.

DING! DING! DING! Folks, I think I have found a winner!

Anyway, I told him to go out with his friends last night, because there was no sense in two people sitting around feeling sorry for themselves. And off he went, and I watched crap TV, which bored me, but less so than lying in bed. And he's going out in the boat with boys tonight (SOB SOB SOB!!! BOO HOO!!! JEALOUS APOPLEXY!!!), and then Saturday morning we go to the country. So maybe he will feel less rut-ish. For that matter, maybe I will too.

I've been reading Bathroom Reading's blog, and he had an interesting post about a blogger who's been uploading pictures of his wife. And I mean PICTURES, people: nekkid ones, graphic ones, and really lurid play-by-plays about their sex life. And I realize that we're all kind of exhibitionist and voyeurs for both keeping and reading other people's blogs, but where does one draw the line? How much self censorship is a good thing? I like to think that withholding some information about your marital and amorous relationships is respectful and sacred. And while this pervy guy's relationship with his wife might be more open than some, I can't help but think that he might not respect his wife so much as objectify her. I wish I could figure out how to link to BR's post about it, but my mac won't let me. You can get there from my links bar though.

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Alexandrialeigh said...

M'dear, you and I are having the same kind of day. Forgive me if I only want to scream and beat my head against a wall tonight.

I think this not running or working out thing is NOT having a good affect on me.