Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Nerve Strikes Again

I thought I was done with my personal hatred of The Nerve. I thought that all I had left to do was roll my eyes and despise him vicariously through Alexandrialeigh. Not so. I hate him more than I ever have. I wish great evil on his big fat sweating half bald red head. I hate his big nose. I hate his incompetence. I hate his stuttering nonsensical directives. I hate him for not being able to do his job without letting personal envy get in the way.

The man acts like a total princess, unable to take criticism without feeling as though it is somehow a direct impugnment (is that a word?) on his character... or lack thereof. When he makes a typo in a headline, does he take ownership? Hell, no. He blames it on someone else and asks why no one likes him. What the hell does liking someone have to do with doing a good job?

The one person at that organization who was absolutely essential and held everything together has been forced out, and for that, I think I may fill out those exit interview papers after all. And it's going to be rather satisfying when the powers that be suddenly figure out that nobody knows how to do anything, find anyone, edit the paper, post it to the web... I think they're going to be very sorry indeed. I think it will become glaringly evident that they have fired the wrong person. I think The Nerve has dug his own grave.

The only thing that makes me sad is the two and a half employees who are left that have to trudge into work everyday without the one person who made it sunny and fun and interesting and safe. At least she's now free to shake the dust of that thankless job from her coattails and go without the side effects of premature aging.


Alexandrialeigh said...

Love you, J!

Sometime in the middle of the night I started wondering if I was just being all delusional in thinking I was good at my job.

But you've reminded me yet again why that place was so awful. I can honestly say I won't be excited to see that place struggle, because they did lead me to Kelly Love and the rest of you -- but sheesh. They're going down and they have no IDEA.

Kelly Love said...

Men who treat women like that do so because they have small penises. It's a proven fact. I've tested the theory scientifically by asking several asshats I've met over the past few years to drop their drawers. Small. Way small. In fact, my own penis is much larger than any of theirs.

Marcheline said...

Okay. It's now the NINTH of April. Your last post was the FIFTH. What gives, girlfriend? You so busy you jes' don' have the TAM to botha writin' yo shit down fo yo homies?

Fess up!!! Spit it on the wall and we'll read it!

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