Sunday, April 03, 2005

long time no blog

I woke up today at five till noon, only it wasn't noon, it was freakin one o'clock... at which time I had a magazine interview across town. Sheesh. What a way to get up: shrieking, leaping out of bed, holding head so it will not fall off and roll across the floor from hangoverness, throw on jeans, scrape boozy moss from teeth and fly off to try valiantly to pay attention to someone talking about antiques for two hours. Oh God. It was awful. Somehow the man had no idea, thank goodness, but afterwards, A.S. and I went and gobbled up a very large lunch and lay down in a sanddune at the beach and passed out for an hour.

It was a miracle he even wanted to date me after last night, because I was very ugly and behaved like a total moron. I ended up acting like a drama queen bitch at this wedding last night, and leaving without telling anyone (hello third grade behavior) and he was worried and had no idea I was even mad at him, and after he found me we ended up having a gigantic fight and I feel like the biggest idiot. Everything has been going relatively well until now, and I had to go and make it all bad again. So I think he's forgiven me, but it's still very solemn and pained between us. Sigh. Why couldn't I handly my insecurity with even a modicum of dignity?

Anyway, in better news, Al and I ran the Cooper River Bridge Run yesterday! It was pouring rain and cold and windy beforehand, but once the race started it was beautiful out! I finished in an hour and 12, but I think that now I know it isn't that hard, I could have run it much faster. I was so nervous before it started, I was babbling and cheering, and making Alexandrialeigh crack up and A.S. roll his eyes. I lost Al somewhere around the first span--she told me to keep going, but when I turned around again, i couldn't find her, which SUCKED. We've been training together for so long, and then we didn't get to finish together...damn. So, Al, I hope you had a great race, and I'm sorry we got separated! Let's go running tomorrow and talk about the race.

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