Friday, April 29, 2005

Jemima's First Friday List

Things I Don't Like Hearing from Doctors
1. Ooooh, That is NASTY! (from ER doctor)
2. This will hurt a little, but don't jump. (As dr. comes at me with huge needle)
3. Why do you think your foot is still so swollen?
4. What did the tendons LOOK like before the surgeon stitched everything back? (How the fuck should I know? They looked painful, jackass!)
5. Are you taking anything for the pain? How 'bout some nice Motrin! (How bout I stick a crutch up your ass and you prescribe me some Percoset.)
6. See this tissue here that I'm persistently poking with my sharp metal instrument, this is all going to have be removed and we'll need a skin graft, really need to stop shaking, because it makes my pointy sharp torture device jump around.
7. Why are you so nervous?
8. At least four more weeks...
9. Increased antiobiotics...
10. "Can you feel that....?"

Note from Alexandrialeigh: Since I'm posting these for Jemima, I can totally sneak in a plug for my own blog because my Friday list has grown a life of its own! Kelly Love and Jemima have both joined the bandwagon!

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