Thursday, April 28, 2005

I’m feeling much better since writing that extremely depressing post last time—thanks, Al, for posting it for me. I had anticipated being online with my newly installed cable internet and multiple TV channels (I have succumbed at last, for the first time in 28years, to the lure of cable television. God give me strength.) However, Fat Roy arrived at my apartment, where I hobbled after his malodorous man-boob self on my crutches, until he finally announced that I would be getting no cable TV today, thank you very little, without a letter from my landlord. WTF? That wouldhave been helpful to know BEFOREHAND! So I had to reschedule for next week. I have little hope that it will get done, after the debacle of the DSL line and Fat Roy (who was also drunk), but maybe someday I willbe able to blog again on a regular basis. Because this blogstinence is killing me. It’s scheduled for Tuesday this time. Stay tuned.

I have been out two nights in a row for potato soup infused with truffle oil (I have sex dreams about this soup, people) plus martinis and a bottle of champagne last night. And getting out of the house is doing wonders for my disposition. Getting up my stairs withone foot was actually kind of amusing, although it’s a miracle I didn’t impale myself on a crutch…also miraculous that I am not hungover as hell.

Night before last too, A.S. took me to the same place for soup and wine and mussels aioli with pommes frites (so deleeecious) and I nearly ate myself to death. Which is great since I am not running, walking, moving, etc. Anyway, we were chatting away, happy to be together since he is so busy, and he said, “When I have a bachelor party, I'm just going to go surfing in Mexico with four of my guy friends.” I nearly choked on my moules. He told me two weeks ago that marriage didn’t make him nervous anymore, and that sort off confirmed it. Wow. Still, he has another year of school, so I’m not poking at that issue too much for at least another nine months.

And that nine months has nothing to do with the woman’s gestational cycle, so no one get any big ideas. (Hmph!)

And my sweet baby cousin brought me the nicest, most thoughtful present ever yesterday. She hurt her foot and put her dog to sleep last year too, and she said she was just sitting at home feeling bored andmiserable, so she made me a goody bag with all the stuff she wished she had: two chocolate bars (including Toblerone), popcorn (which I secretly hate, but it was still nice) a movie, a book of word games, a card and a pretty yellow daisy. Isn’t that the best thing you’ve ever heard? I nearly cried.

Today I MIGHT be getting my stitches out, although since I am still bleeding through 16 layers of gauze and bandages as of yesterday, I think those chances are slim. Doubtless my cruel, heartless, sadist of an orthopedist will just make me cry and I will go home to rot as usual. (sigh…. SIGH!) And to make matters even worse, it has come to my attention that I am not getting Jennifer Garner arms from all this crutching up and down four flights of stairs, etc. Instead my arms are just getting BIGGER. Oh the humanity! Oh the awful unfairness of it all!

So today I am trying to come up with Spanish media contacts. Sheesh. How the hell am I supposed to do that?

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Elysia said...

Just take all your English media contacts, and add an "o" at the end.