Thursday, March 03, 2005

with pesto please

Man, I am so limp and noodly. I want a massage every day.

There are two nasty crows divebombing a redtail hawk outside my office window. Hawks are our friends. They eat foul pigeons that poop disproportionately to their size and coo irritatingly in my kitchen wall whenever I turn on my stove (don't ask me why, there isn't a vent or anything). They also eat squirrels, which are really just some sort of bait-- for what I haven't figured out yet. But they're nasty too. Woo used to bite them ARRRR! and shake em WHAP! WHAP! and all the tourists would shriek. Ahhh, those were the days.

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Elysia said...

Aw, come on - squirrels are great! I quite possibly have this sentiment because Squirrel is one of my nicknames.... you can ponder the many reasons at your leisure. I feed the fat little fwonkers in my backyard every day. They're so - perky. They're so - smart. They're so - FAT! Hey.... wait a minute!