Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I did it! I resigned! Nerve took it better than I expected, and my little southern nice-ness did me right. I didn't tap dance on his prostrate body, and I didn't tell him the whole world hates him. I just said I got a better offer and how much I've enjoyed working here. Which is true for the most part.

So he sent a letter announcing my resignation to everyone in the company BUT me. It was so creepy, like I have leprosy or something. And it's bizarre that I don't have to come up with new story ideas for next issue and stuff. Miss Nobody said it sounded like I had died... "She will be missed." Shyeah!

Miss Nobody and I went to a sweet champagne and chocolate party last night at our local art museum. The Gaston Callum photographs were incredible-- all these dilapidated houses in black and white. They looked so dramatic and haunted, and a few were of interior shots of sagging old bookshelves or walls that had collapsed on desiccated pianofortes. Wow. I wanted to take them all home.

What was really strange in a horrifying trainwreck sort of way is the glaring breach of blog-etiquette that happened while we were there. An advertising person whom I like very much but don't know very well said she liked my blog. How the hell did she know I have a blog? That makes the museum staff, a local law firm and now this person too.

I may be new to Bloggerdom, but aren't you supposed to avoid "outing" people? Isn't that the point of assumed names? So I've taken my picture off, and edited out a few rants. Although it doesn't really matter, self-censorship is kind of a bitch. I'm not so worried about getting Dooced from this job (since my last day is the 15th- tralala!), but I'll have to be more careful at my next place.

In other gnus, thank God I get paid today, because I am overdrawn. Architecture Stud is feeling better, although was feeling lonesome and feeling sorry for himself and came over for some sympathy. I truly do feel bad for him, but he kept asking me if I was having as much trouble sleeping as he was last night... and I wasn't. I was sleeping just fine, thank you very little. So when Miss Nobody text messaged me at 6:15 to run, my reply was "grumble." We did four miles this morning, and Friday we're going to run for speed.

A.S. and I are taking a little vacay this weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Sweeeeeet. Some friends of ours have a barrier island about an hour south of here, with a cabin and lots of trails and a dock for fishing and beer drinking. I cannot WAIT. And since my parents are out of the country, I'll have Belle AND Woo. So I'm getting mentally and physically prepared for our romantic getaway (please, God, don't let me get the barfing flu) with a massage, wax and a mani/pedi. I'll be so chill and hairless, he won't know what to do with me. "Where is my stressed out Sasquatch?" he will say. Sadly, thanks to Bathroom Reading and his crack Toblerone shipment, I will not be svelte for vacay. Moo!

A more serious issue: The GD red state that I live in is currently voting to make gay marriage even more illegal than it already is. Explain to me why this is a state issue? Why are my taxes going towards something that is a) pointless and b) redundant? Why do the House members (who I didn't vote for) not understand issues of church and state. I'll argue with the church all day about why they think they get to cast stones, but it makes me so irrational to hear some puffed up politician (who's probably banging his intern and battling through his fourth divorce) wax poetic on the sanctity of marriage. Repeat after me. Not. A. State. Issue.



Alexandrialeigh said...

Woo! I love it when you have a lot to say.

Agree on all counts.

That is all!

Elysia said...

That sucks, about your blog getting "outed"... in my office, every keystroke from every computer is recorded, as is every phone call in or out of the office. You'd think this place was the bloody CIfartin'A or something. What I'm trying to say is, maybe your office logs your keystrokes or tracks the sites you go to on your computer, and found your blog. This particular problem caused me to have to delete my entire blog and start a new one which I now never access from work. Urgh.

Kickball Superstar said...

I think it sucks that i feel like a pariah now when i read y'all sites, but as of now, i'm officially over it. i still like y'all and if you want some scoop on all this "As the Blog Posts Turn" drama, you've got my number, Jemima.

Jemima said...

Bah! Who cares anymore at this point. I've just made a mental pact with my big mouth not to talk about the new job on my blog. And besides, maybe the new job will so amazingly kewl, I will have nothing but good things to say about it! Keep your fingers crossed, KS! Besides, I may be coming to you for PR advice. Apparently your word is golden in this town.