Friday, March 11, 2005

Super Ego

I stole this from Little Miss Nobody and Pink Lemonade Diva

I Live: in fear of regret.
I Work: in fierce spurts under intense pressure.
I Talk: to my deaf dog.
I Wish: I could speak Italian.
I Enjoy: very expensive food.
I Look: exactly the same as I did in 10th grade.
I Must: get back to South Africa.
I Forget: to balance my checkbook.
I Find: small orange mushrooms and owl feathers and helpless bats and cool rocks.
I Smell: like Coco Chanel or rosemary-mint shampoo.
I Listen: to my sister's advice.
I Hide: the good snacks.
I Pray: for guidance and clarity.
I Walk: fast.
I Write: for work and because I am compelled to.
I See: spiders on the ceiling. It's like a superpower.
I Sing: in my car, but if anyone starts listening, I immediately become tone deaf.
I Laugh: at inappropriate things.
I Left: for Africa three years ago almost to the day.
I Won: a pair of mountaineering boots from The Gear Guy in Outside Mountain.
I Can: jump four feet on horseback.
I Watch: bonfires and the ocean.
I Yearn: for Architecture Student.
I Daydream: incessantly.
I Fall: over my shoes, my dog, my dirty laundry.
I Want: a new longboard.
I Cry: in church, when I am frustrated.
I Burn: rice.
I Read: For Better of For Worse every day.
I Love: reading the NYT in bed.
I Rode: a whale in a dream once.
I Touch: my dog in the middle of the night to make sure she's still there.
I Hurt: myself when I'm sad.
I Fear: change and long for it.
I Hope: Bush suffers a fatal hemorrhoid.
I Use: Colgate toothpaste.
I Break: (brake) for no one.
I Eat: my fingernails at the movies.
I Quit: my job.
I Bathe: with candles and romance novels.
I Still: want my mom when I'm sick.
I Drink: bourbon in winter and gin in summer.
I Stop: to help people who look lost.
I Save: earthworms when it rains.
I Lost: my high school ring.
I Take: the dirt road if it's an option.
I Trip-Out: about abuse of women's rights.
I Hug: my boyfriend and he says, "Ow."
I Play: with my baby niece and my parents' dog.
I Miss: boarding school.
I Hold: rock ledges with my fingertips.
I Forgive: other people more than myself.
I Drive: my eccentric godmother everywhere, because she's so scary behind a wheel.
I Learn: more about love every day.
I Have: a birthmark on my arm.
I Remember: my grandmother's phone number. She died in 1993.
I Don't: like green bell peppers.
I Like: warm bread and naps after fox hunting.
I Made: a crocheted blanket, but it's too small.
I Kiss: on the lips, which sometimes people don't expect.
I Wait: for my dog all the time.
I Need: to be more motivated.
I Owe: a lot of money to the bank right now.
I Hate: confrontation.
I Can't: do cartwheels or roll my tongue.
I Know: how to set a broken bone in the wilderness.
I Applaud: my friends' success.
I Am: extremely tired.
I Figure: I'll go home. It's five o'clock.


Alexandrialeigh said...

J: Yours is so much better than mine. Mine is full of meaningless, self-serving, non-interesting garbage.

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

Funny thing is, I remember my grandparents' phone numbers as well, and their's were those funny ones where you'd start with letters instead of numbers.