Sunday, March 13, 2005


Congratulate me. My car is finally clean... for the first time since I bought it in April. Suprisingly, it took THREE hours to clean my Mini, mostly due to the layer of bristly Jack Russell fur woven into the carpet. And the spaniel had sponged up about four lbs of sandy mud in her giant grinch feet (she's a mean one...) and distributed it evenly throughout the interior. There was also cereal, wheat thins, petrified french fries, candy wrappers and other assorted debris that filled an entire garbage bag. Having a clean car is not a priority for me. A car is just a means of getthing from one place to another without having to carry all of your shit on your back ($26). I wouldn't have even bothered with it if A.S. hadn't said, "Damn, your car is nasty" this morning on our way to breakfast, which would have made me flare my nostrils at him if so doing would not have endangered my health. Anyway, the car is now so clean and slick that when I got in it this afternoon (late for my ADD appointment=irony) I accidentally slid into the passenger seat.

"Nice wax job, Rookie." Anyone know where that came from?

So the doctor's appointment was hilarious. It's some medical study they're doing on drivers with ADD, and I get Stroverra or whatever that new drug is for adults and have to drive a simulator. But they asked me all these questions, like "Do you have trouble paying attention or getting things done on time (stop laughing, Alexandrialeigh, or I'll beat your ass), etc." And then they try to weed out other things like OCD and bipolar. Some of their questions are so great, like "Do you ever hear things that no one else can." And I said, "Yes, but I have above average hearing, much like a dog." And "Do you ever think you can receive special messages from people or objects?" And I said, "What, you mean like the Pope?" And "Do you have any special powers?" And I snorted horribly because of LMN's questions about invisibility or the power to fly. It was so tempting, but I REALLY wanted to ride in the simulator...

And A.S. and I just came back from a run. He's signed me up for this 10K race here, which is really starting to scare me, because it's in two weeks and I'll probably vomit on someone and die of humiliation. The last time I tried a race the view of people running in front of me made me get motion sickness- all those heads bobbing at random. But A.S. nearly collapsed after two miles, which made me feel a little better. At least I won't die alone. But he's run three marathons before and we started talking about training for one in August. The idea fascinates me, but 20-something miles!?!?! That's just crazy talk! Of course, we were also discussing either a surf trip or possibly a climbing trip to Joshua Tree in the fall. I get all dreamy at the very idea... just me and little A.S... necking in the wilderness. Purrrrr...

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