Wednesday, March 23, 2005

stick a fork in me

Holy crap. This new job is TOUGH. I knew it would be, but the minutiae is killing me. I'd forgotten how with corporate jobs, you have templates for meeting schedules, everything has to be in one font, and that there are process manuals for EVERYTHING. This week is all orientation, and in between meetings (I had six meetings yesterday) and "classes," I'm supposed to actually be working, only there isn't any TIME! And I can't blog at work! DAMNIT!

But there is a really nice girl in finance who is in orientation with me, and she just put a lease down on an apartment three doors down from me on my street. [Incidentally, I'm having to blog at my parents' house right now, because I canceled my crappy internet service at home and can't do it at work... how juvenile do I feel? And my mother just walked in to the library and wants to know what I'm doing. Sheesh.] So I was dragging Woo to the lake and talking about the nice finance girl on the phone to one of my friends, and I looked up and there she was on the balcony of this building. She said it was so nice to see someone she knows. She's from Michigan, so doesn't have too many friends down here. So at least i'm making friends there.

I think the real trouble is that I'm still doing that medical study thing, and I am CONVINCED I'm on the placebo. I want my Ritalin back, people. I actually had to brutally pinch myself today during one meeting I was so bored. My head kept bobbing, and it was a freaking ONE-ON-ONE deal. I had to see the doctor today, because it was the appointment where they upped my dosage, and I fixed this guy with my gimlet eye and demanded to know when the halfway point for the study is, because I'm deeply aware that this little sugar pill isn't doing crap.

In other news, Alexandrialeigh and I ran six miles this morning. It made me supremely late for work, but it's so great to start the day feeling that accomplished. It's weird not seeing her every day... and the Bush hating Republican too. I miss my contact-testosterone dose. The Nerve... well... good riddance. The old job called and asked me to do an exit interview after all. I don't really see what good that will do, especially if Nerve sees it. I can forget about freelance writing for them if I say what I think.

Argh! She's back in. My mother is so @#$%^& nosy! Piss off, woman! I'm 28, I don't need your snoopery! As soon as I get paid, I'm getting cable internet. And I may never leave my apartment again.

Of course, who knows if the magazine I slaved my arse off for will ever fork out the bucks. They've begun to ignore my inquiries at this point, and they owe me about $2000 now. No wonder I'm bouncing checks. Well, they better pay me before May, because I'll have to pay off my surfboard. I'll post a picture of it when it comes in... it's so pretty. And it's going to be so much bigger than little Mini- heh.


Alexandrialeigh said...

Wow, an exit interview AFTER you're gone, and you gave a full two weeks' notice? How's that for efficiency?

Sheesh. Hey -- and quit trying to one-up me on my blog. It's my blog, and I can whine if I want to!

At least I can blog without my mom looking over my shoulder...

Pink Lemonade Diva said...

Ahhh, the new job. I think they make orientation, HR and the benefits stuff such a pain so you won't leave.