Thursday, March 03, 2005

I got some ice cream

And you ain't got none
Cuz you on welfare
And your mom's an alcoholic

Anyone know where that came from?

I'm feeling a little smug today, because I'm getting a MASSAGE. Sweet Jesus, it's going to be great too, (mental purring) after the craptacular week I've had. Bah, down with work! All it does is rain on my parade. I should be sponsored to tan and drink fruity beverages!

Of course, as soon as I my body is all relaxed and complacent, I intend to make it pay. Hello, Waxing?


Kelly Love said...

THAT'S EDDIE MURPHY! From Delirious.

"Wanna lick? PSYCHE!"

Jemima said...

Love that.

Jesster said...

Waxing after a massage--makes me cringe just thinking about it! That's the definition of "tuff grrl" or something like that. :)

Elysia said...

Don't you just adore that tingly feeling your whole body gets after a full leg wax? I used to get those... back when I could get a full leg for $35 (yes, BOTH legs). Now that it's skyrocketed over a hundred bucks (that's NY for you) in most salons, I'm back to razors and the occasional masochistic self-waxing (only when I've been doing my yoga and can reach the necessary places!). Why is it that the cost of living goes up every year, and the salary stays.... the.... same.....forever?

Jemima said...

Waxing is the only thing that makes me want shorter legs. And I find that when I do my own bikini wax, it doesn't work and I just have to shave afterwards and suffer the rash. Nair works pretty well, but there's GOT to be something bad for you in a chemical product that dissolves hair. I mean, Egyptian mummies' hair doesn't biodegrade or anything--it lasts FOREVER. Plus it makes your bathroom stink. Ew. I wouldn't bother waxing anything, but I'm going on vacay and want to be all smooth and diva-ish and non-bristly. Meow!

Serra said...

I had a customer once who wanted me to make a clone of Nads (sticky goo that does what wax does).
I looked at the ingredients--and told her to just get a wax job because the labor costs alone on what I'd have to do would be more expensive.