Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I doubt it

I have a blog fan! I'm so excited at drawing random people to my site, and Elysia is like my new therapist. (thanks! You need to have a blog so I can respond to you too!) In her last comment she said her office tracks everything she does on her computer, and I have a nasty feeling my new job is going to be like that too. The people here aren't very tech-smart, so I'm not worried. But the CEO of my new company could probably hack into my blog in 2.2 nano-seconds and post a naked picture of my grandmother with the caption, "JEMIMA, GET BACK TO WORK!"

Fortunately I am getting internet at home again. Now I know I posted two weeks ago that I had finally entered the 21st century, but as it turns out the company that offered me the service is grievously incompetent and I had to hunt down and kill every member of their tech staff in a slow and excruciating fashion.

So now I'm going to have to break down and get cable. For a person who doesn't have a TV, this is going to be life changing. I'll have internet AND all those channels. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate TV. Quite the oppsoite. I'm a TV junky. I'll watch whatever crap is on without blinking or swallowing for days, with my eyeballs just whirling around in my head. My dad could have a stroke, Brad Pitt could nuzzle me, my boyfriend could bonk my best friend on the couch next to me, and I wouldn't notice.


Rachel said...

See?! That's the beauty of TV, you can ignore all of life's annoyances, or rather live them through a particular show where it will be alright again at the end of the hour. It's either that or Zoloft. Or hell, for me? Both. heh!

Jemima said...

Yeah, but when they leave you hanging at the end of a half hour, I die a little inside. And usually I miss it next week because I'm so ADD and I never ever ever ever know what happened to Sidney after they ripped out her molars in that Chinese prison... it's just sad and wrong how involved I get in shows. It's ugly.

Becka said...

You have another fan :)

Bathroom Reading said...

I solved the TV problem. But really I didn't; I'll get to that last. We don't have a TV. Or, rather, we don't have one which gets channels. We have a TV hooked up to a DVD player, so we can watch movies.

But I recently found a way around that. I've been downloading TV shows on the internet, and watching them on my computer. So I can say we don't have a TV, but I'm just as much of a TV watcher now as I was before.

My only limitation is that I have a 10 gig hard drive, so there's not a lot of space left over for the massive video files I download. I can only have about 3 on my computer at a time.

Elysia said...

Hey - thanks for the honorable mention in your blog! I feel like a guest star on a great soap opera. (I'm a TV junkie too - I actually schedule my pissant half hour lunch breaks so I can run home and watch the last half of Days of Our Lives. I swear, I only watch it to laugh at them and feel mentally superior. Okay, and maybe because Sean Brady is kind of cute.)

I would give you the link to my blog here, but my husband is also a fan (albeit a more silent one than I - not difficult - ha) of your blog. Like you, I want to keep my blog private - so email me at and I'll send it to you that way, if you like.


Jesster said...

Great blog. :)

I share your fear of getting caught blogging at work. But the two main IS guys spend most of their time arguing with each other, so I think I'm safe...until they kill each other, at least.