Monday, February 14, 2005

Sorry about Friday's whine

Sorry about the harangue on Friday. Some days you just have to get it OUT.

I'm glad Miss Nobody had a good time at my dinner. It was much more sedate than last year's for some reason.... maybe because we didn't start with six bottles of champagne. Last year we all ended up dancing/stumbling to musical accompaniment in my bedroom and I had wine sloshed on all my doors, windows, walls and floors from people falling down. We also had a candy heart war that resulted in some of my grandmother's crystal getting smashed (didn't bother me at the time) and paintings falling off the walls and heart-shaped bruises on people's foreheads. I'm still finding the damned things under furniture A YEAR LATER! Also, my neighbor, The Lacto-Pescetarian, fell down the stairs in her kittenish get-lucky heels and sprained her ankle. Her response was, "It'll be fine! Somebody get me some more wine!" The next day her ankle looked like a haggis with the bloat, which is a particularly nasty comparison for someone who doesn't eat meat.

So my rule for the Valentine party is that everyone has to bring a bottle (or six) of wine and I have to make at least four new dishes that I've never made before. So I made tuna tartare (v good), crab fritters with spicy lime sauce, shrimp cakes with wasabe vinaigrette and mirin sauce, and pork tenderloin with apricot wasabe glaze (and ginger, soy and garlic too). It was very yum. Then A.S. and I made fortune cookies (extremely comical process that involved a lot of swearing and shrieking and laughing and ridiculing) that looked extremely UNfortunate. All the fortunes were designed to end with "in bed," so people had "You will become a famous trapeze artist... in bed" and "Someone will give you a giant ring... in bed." That one actually took a little explanation and people had to explain whether THAT kind of ring involves the twigs or the twigs and the berries. I don't know that we ever came to any solid conclusion on that...

So the party was great fun, and my apartment smelled like Oriental Garden the next day, which was very nasty on top of having a hangover and bilious wine belly. Bleh. I had to wash every glass, dish and utensil I own and scrub the floor with clorox and a brillo pad. And I'm not an anal person... that's just how gross my kitchen was. Oh, the humanity.

And A.S. and I made Asian mussels for dinner last night too. Mmmm, moules. Too bad we didn't have any frites. If you like mussels, write this down. One 14 oz can coconut milk, one Tablespoon nam pla (fish sauce), 1/3 cup lime juice (about three limes), 1/3 cup white wine, one Tablespoon sugar, about 3-5 crushed garlic. Bring to a boil and dump in about 4-5 lbs of mussels. Steam for 8 minutes. Add chopped cilantro. Devour like starving peasants. It was so divine. Truly.

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