Thursday, February 17, 2005

old dogs

I have to leave Woo for the weekend, and my eccentric godmother is taking her instead of my parents. NERVOUS! I got this dog for my tenth birthday, and yes, that makes her 18-anahalf. She's like my child. I wake up all the time just knowing that Woo needs water or that she's stuck in her basket and needs a assistance. She's the coolest most invincible dog ever. Here is a list of things that have not killed Woo (yet):
1. Snakes- 3 water moccasins and 1 timber rattler
2. Raccoons-she's killed four
3. Drowning- a big raccoon held her under water and my dad had to give her mouth-to-snout resuscitation.
4. Poison
5. Horses- kicked once in head, one in chest- both required staples
6. other large dogs- assorted Rottweilers and Alsatians were her favorites
7. Car- one hit resulted in 160 stitches and a broken pelvis
8. Falling- one from second story porch, one 18-ft after chasing a squirrel up a tree breaking a leg
9. The mailman- though God knows he tried. She's immune to mace
10. Falling off a cliff
11. Stroke
12. Breast cancer
13. Heartworms- forgot her pill just once. Let that be a lesson to you, people
14. Kidney failure- the vet says her kidneys are improving

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