Friday, February 04, 2005

Happy freakin Friday

You know what I love? That the side of my blog cuts off "Architecture Student" so it reads "Architecture Stud." Smirk. Well, I think so anyway- I do like them skinny and poetic looking...

Poor A.S. He's worked himself to a nub this week, and I've seen him for about an hour total. Night before last I cooked dinner, and he dropped by for 30 minutes and then left again, the ungrateful sod. What the hell? I made pork chops. PORK CHOPS, I TELL YOU! And a pork chop is worth some loving, goddammit! I was sending him mental stinkeye the whole time I was washing dishes.

I have so much to do at work today that I don't even know where to begin... so I blog instead. Typical. I meant to write a bunch last night too, and instead I cleaned my apartment, so now I'll have to think of ideas for my nex Skirt essay while I'm driving to Charlotte this afternoon. But what irks me is that I had today off (not half, not some, but ALL DAY off) and Nerve Cell came and rocked back and forth on his feet behind my chair in oh so creepy fashion and put the pressure and guilt on, while somehow not actually communicating anything at all, so I've put off my trip till this afternoon. (grumble)

In better news, Miss Nobody and I ran four miles today and I am completely recovered from the agony of the hot tub toenailectomy episode. Yay!

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