Wednesday, February 02, 2005


God, I'm so bored I've resorted to shooting rubber bands at poor Little Miss Nobody to entertain myself. She is not amused. And I just ate sooooo much sushi. I may explode and die and make a smelly mess of gizzardly rubble right here at my desk.

I am so very sleepy too, and it’s raining and dull and gloomy and pooey and dismal outside my window and I want to go home and nap with my old doggy. She is clean and sweet smelling and needs mashing.

The only thing I've accomplished all day is planning my Fifth Annual I Hate Valentine's Day Dinner Party Extravaganza. This is where I invite 15 of my closest friends over for five million courses of something I've never made before, we all drink too much wine, throw candy hearts at each other, dance/flail drunkenly around the room at 3 a.m. and suffer the most godawful hangover for the next week. It's fabulous and nerve wracking and too expensive and I just can't wait.


Bathroom Reading said...

I got to you from our Alexandria Leigh.

If you ever get over to my blog, you'll see I have this thing, this crazy love affair going on...with Toblerones. They are simply the best candy bar ever. Anyway, I will gladly send you one if you do me this one favor: next time you're flicking rubber bands at Al, write "Bathroom Reading says hi" on one before you flick it at her. I think that being able to bug someone from so far away would be quite amusing.

And yes, I'm the first one to admit I have a juvenile, and somewhat strange, sense of humor.

Bathroom Reading
Bathroom Reading's

Alexandrialeigh said...


Jemima: I'll buy you a Toblerone if you'll stop flicking those damn rubber bands at me!