Friday, February 18, 2005

Do I want what everyone else has?

In the past month (mentally counting) FIVE of A.S.'s and my mutual friends have gotten engaged. And another friend was expected to propose to his girlfriend last night.I'm not counting on going down that road anytime soon, especially because Architecture Student is still, duh, a student with another year of school. And a thesis year at that. Quelle nightmare. Plus, by the time he's finished, he'll probably upgrade me for the newer model with boobs. (Hate her, whoever she is)

Anyway, I'm getting tired of saying, "I'm so happy for you!" I am for the most part, but FIVE couples! Sheesh! What the HELL is going on?

The first batch of my friends already has babies, and I can only be grateful that it's my 18-year old dog waking me up every night and pissing on my floor and not someone whose psyche I can fuck up in utero. (Damn, that's $10.50. No swearing during Lent.)

At least this way I can live up to my dream of embarassing my family by being the fox hunting old maid at family reunions wearing tweeds and sturdy shoes and swearing and drinking from a flask. I'll need lots of dogs and a jaguar to fulfill this vision. And a novel. I plan to be very eccentric. Now all I need is funding. Wish I had a rich relative ready for the big dirt nap.


Alexandrialeigh said...

It's a sickness, I tell you!

I used to never, ever think about getting married...and then I was maid of honor in two weddings. I wasn't dating anyone during the first one, but then I met CF, and now we're living together -- and it seems like we can't escape THE BIG M. I mean, it's either me talking about Aly's upcoming wedding in September (MOH for the third time) or CF talking about his friend Glenna's wedding...or the THREE women that are engaged at work discussing cakes or garters or whateverthefuck, or someone is asking us when WE'RE getting married.


Kelly Love said...

It is like an insidious virus...the last wedding I went to was my sister's. I wasn't in the wedding, thank god, and thus avoided the "when am I going to..." clutch.

I hate to put it out there that marriage just doesn't do it for me, because no doubt someone will say, "you just haven't met the right guy yet..." Oh, but I have met the marrying kind. I just haven't found the one that doesn't want to make me into a wife, the one who's willing to live in the house next door...oh, for that man I'll fall HARD.

Elysia said...

I swore I'd never get married. I was past the halfway mark to 40, and when my then-not-husband picked me up in his arms and hugged me for the first time, I heard a huge "click". No, it wasn't my vertebrae, it was a cosmic "click" that has held us together from that very moment. We are a completely unconventional couple in a lot of ways, which is the only way I could have ever married anyone. My worst fear was to have one of those 50's "Leave it to Beaver" marriages where no one knows what is going on until the divorce papers are signed. We're like two loners who like the same weird shit, and it really works. Of course we hardly have any friends, but the few we do have are real friends, not cheesy smile-in-your-face friends who drop you as soon as something cooler comes up on their personal calendar. I love being married, but I have to pass on my mom's time-honored, tested-and-true rule about marriage. She said, "Never marry the man you can live with. Marry the man you cannot live without." Thanks, Mom.