Thursday, February 17, 2005

Ass Call

You know what an "ass call" is, right? Where you sit on your cell phone and it accidentally calls your boss... and you better hope you're not on your two-hour appointment/coffee break in Starbucks calling him an asshat to your best friend???

Well, I have a new more literal definition. My niece, who I call "The Bean" is two (no, don't stop reading, it's funny) and has recently become fascinated with all things telephone. The other day my sister was videotaping her playing with her toy cell phone and actually got a great blackmail moment on film:

My sister: "M, who are you calling?"

Bean: "My hiney." [all nonchalant, like "None of your beeswax."]

My Sister [cracking up]: Oh, really?

Bean talking into cell phone: "Hello, My Hiney. Whatchoo doin'?"

My Sister: "[uncontrolled snorting...]"

Bean: "Yeah, me too. I love you. Bah Bah, Hiney."

God, she's so cute I could just devour her.

It's almost Friday, which is so great. It's a full music weekend, since I'm seeing Doc Watson tomorrow night. And then Saturday I'll be in Myrtle Beach (lameass town) for Wilco. Architecture Student and I are meeting some friends at their beachhouse for some beer drinking and a 30th birthday party beforehand. My poor liver.

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