Wednesday, January 19, 2005

stupid stupid societal obligations

I forgot to tell you this morning, but Architecture Student brought up his "Aryan Ball" (my term of endearment for it) again last night before he left… he asked me to go to this architectural planning lecture on Thursday which sounded interesting and I was flattered to be invited. And then he admitted he’d have to rush home afterwards to get ready for the ball.

This is this stupid antiquated farce of a southern social event, where everyone has to wear tails and waltz. And as much as I'd like to be the bigger person and say I would never go, I'm actually really pissed that I can't. They have all these dumb rules like you can only go if your dad is a member, which means that your great great great great grandfather had to be a Lords Proprietor or something. The ironic thing is that my ancestors were here long before a lot of these jumped-up, cracker mofos, but (gasp) some of them may have been JEWS! The horra! So A.S. can't invite me, and he got asked to escort this horrible little Republican Bush fu**er and I have to just live with it. And I had forgotten about it until he brought it up again.

And he said that he was really sorry and thoughtless and that he didn’t want to go and that it was me whom he loved. I said nothing at all, but warmed his coat over the fire before he went out in the cold. I figured I didn’t have anything nice to say…. Anyway, it's hard to be cool about it when what I really am is insecure/clingy/high maintenance. Damn. Even if she is loud and obnoxious and fairly stupid and pointless and very Republican, I still maintain my right to feel jealous and hate her until she dies. That’s fair, right?


Elysia said...

Completely fair. The whole thing about "Southern hospitality" is a big fat lie, by the way, as you may know. Southern people only talk to the chosen few who are in their clique or their family - if you move down there as an outsider, you can die from loneliness. However, every time I'd come back to NY, I'd end up having a huge conversation with the airport limo driver, and getting asked out to barbecues by people I bumped into in the grocery store or waiting in line at the DMV. New Yorkers have it over southerners for hospitality and friendliness any day of the freakin' week! I lived in TN for 5 years and NC for 2, and now live back in NY, THANK GOODNESS... 8-)

Anonymous said...

About that A-ball. lovely affair,The first time I walked in the room I could visualize the past daughters being presented etc.Not part of my heritage but a point of history thatI loved being able to envision.I will have to say the belle of the last ball was an especially lovely dinner partner for my beloved hubby.She sat squarely to his right and he was so proud to have her there. Having dined last night with her rents and hearing about "my heroes" up coming publication I realize it's in the blood, but also after seeing tellin h and bro taking photos(at the event) the whole event is in flux. I'm thankful we've cusped.Love you! MadamX