Friday, January 28, 2005

saw A.S. for the first time in a week

I love my boyfriend.

We had such a nice lunch and talked about so many things. For one, WG Clark actually designed Architecture Student's parents’ house, the first one he’d ever done and the first modern piece in Charleston… it was very controversial. Anyway, he remembers A.S. and had tried to get him into the UVA program and still feels badly about it… so A.S. says he may milk him for a job when he graduates, which would be AWESOME! Well... if relationship with A.S. ever came to any sort of legal arrangement, which would be a very long time in the unforeseeable future, considering we just got back together.

And we’re going to get together tonight after Girls' Night. And he made me a mix CD. Isn’t that sweet? I’m so glad that we’re dating again.

My poor friend Little Miss Nobody is completely swamped and doing more than her fair share, because someone who shall remain nameless keeps makes wimpy editing requests. I told her, 'Just remember… it’s okay to say "No." In fact, the word "no" should drip honeyed from your tongue, full of deliciousness and ripe persimmon sweetness. Revel in your no-ness. Give a big internal cheshire cat grin. You can be all that is no.'

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