Monday, January 31, 2005

raining babies

Well, it looks like I'll be throwing my second baby shower. A childhood friend who shared my passion for turning over rocks and climbing trees is expecting her first. At least for this party, I'll be sharing the responsibilities with my friend, um... Fruity Pebbles (she still eats them at age 29)... who is actually the first person I ever threw a baby shower for. I am now her baby's godmother (everyone can stop laughing), and we've been trying to figure out a way to get our mothers together for ages. They're both retired and kind of lonely and never got past that fear of rejection that precedes calling someone for the first time. I swear, my mother hasn't made a new girlfriend in about 10 years. If my dad isn't around, she stays home. How sad is that? Anyway, F.P. and I are hoping they'll have to go out to lunch for shower planning. It's like Mommy Matchmaking.

I wonder if anyone will ever throw ANY kind of shower for me. I'm already going to be one of those Older Mothers--hell, it's unlikely I'll even be married before thirty (if ever)-- and although it's okay for some people, I really feel like there should be a clear chronology: engagement, marriage, a minimum nine month wait, first child.. It's old fashioned of me, I know.


Elysia said...

I swear I'm not stalking your blog, it's just that it's Tuesday, and I'm bored to death... I just had to reply to this post, because I got married (first and only time) at 36, two years ago. I'm not planning to have kids, but my point is this - just do what comes naturally to you, don't try to cram your life into someone else's idea of what "should" happen. The best and most interesting things in life are the things that happen outside the lines - the stuff that "shouldn't" happen, but does anyway - and it's cool! Cheers.

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