Wednesday, January 05, 2005

New Years Resolutions

1. Spend time with people who inspire me creatively
2. Spend less time with people who don’t inspire me
3. Ditch “mean” friends
4. Spend more time with my mom: try to think of one fun thing to do with her a week, such as, going on a walk, museum, civic events, gardening
5. Learn how to stop giving advice all the time
6. Be a better listener
7. Don't say mean things about people even if I am thinking them
8. Remember birthdays
9. Give presents on time
10. Be a good godmother- visits, presents, babysit
11. Be a good aunt- more visits, babysit
12. E-mail granddaddy and visit him at least once a month- he is the only grandparent you have left
13. E-mail paternal grandfather something once a month- he’s sort of your grandparent
14. Be more respectful and grateful for my friends

15. Sometimes go to social engagements I’d rather not attend
16. Be better about remembering names
17. Try to meet interesting people- go to more events of an educational nature
18. Learn how to mingle better
19. Think of good ideas and follow through at school alumnae board meeting
20. Invite someone interesting over for wine at least once a month

21. Spend more time doing hair so I look less trailer
22. Use sunscreen on face and hands everyday
23. Use a grocery list to avoid buying only pop tarts, clementines and shampoo
24. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier
25. Go to church twice a month
26. Pray more even when you don’t need something
27. Have better time management
28. Eat more leftovers- less wasteful and less expensive than restaurants
29. Don’t pick my nails in public
30. Keep car clean- wash at least once a month
31. Recycle and buy items with less packaging
32. Learn more about wine
33. Keep abreast of news (read NYT headlines every day)
34. Memorize one poem a month
35. Say something nice to someone every day
36. Think something nice about myself every day too
37. Go see a movie and go out to eat a nice dinner by myself at least once
38. Floss
39. Swear less
40. Start a blog (HOORAY, check one)

Health and Wellness
41. Lose 10 lbs. by birthday
42. Keep a food journal
43. Learn to swim
44. Get bike fixed
45. Take a one-a-day vitamin
46. Run at least 9 miles per week and work up to 16 miles per week
47. Try to run in at least two short races this year
48. Go to yoga at least once a week
49. Go to gym at least once a week
50. Drink at least 2 L of water per day
51. Eat less sugar (keep track of how much candy I eat every day, because my sweet tooth is out of control- try to keep it to one a day)
52. Try a fast (make sure it’s healthy and detoxifying)
53. Eat at least one piece of fruit per day
54. Eat at least one vegetable per day, working up to three
55. Be very vigilant about not getting sinus infections
56. Take better care of my skin
57. Stop smoking
58. Use sunscreen

59. Do something with bathroom- paint, new mirror
60. Finish floor in bedroom in front of fireplace
61. Clean off porch
62. Throw old magazines away
63. Use my cookbooks
64. Buy more plants and remember to water them
65. Organize scrapbook stuff- put all in one box
66. Put photographs in albums- make sure acid free
67. Redo postcard book
68. Get renters insurance
69. Fix shower
70. Keep better track of old food- clean fridge more often

71. Don’t watch TV
72. Let go of guilt
73. Let go of regret and humiliation
74. Keep a journal- start with one paragraph per day and work up to more
75. Keep a dream journal by bed
76. Give to church
77. Volunteer for at least one organization this year
78. Write more letters and thank you notes- at last one letter a week
79. Read 52 books, that's one a week. No "chick lit"
80. Keep a reading journal. Write down a bit about each in a notebook, maybe summarize the plot or quote bits from the text
81. See more indie films
82. Improve Italian, French, Spanish (use tapes, read foreign magazines and books)
83. Learn a little German
84. Audition for a play
85. Learn to tango
86. Consider doing aikido or karate again

87. Call all of my dad's interview subjects by middle of February
88. Write one pitch letter a week
89. Write more fiction and have personal story published
90. Keep better track of clips- fill up book with the good ones
91. Be better about deadlines
92. Be less defensive with criticism
93. Join at least one work organization
94. Make better contacts
95. Show appreciation for my contacts
96. Apply for other jobs elsewhere
97. Make more money- get a raise by March
98. Find out about starting a catering business
99. Dress better for work
100. Be more punctual
101. Remember where I’m going when I leave for interviews

102. Buy a new mattress
103. Buy a new sofa

104. Pay off bank loan
105. Balance my checking account
106. Learn about investing
107. Never be afraid to check my account because I’m scared of what it will say
108. Have more money in savings than I do in checking
109. Learn how I spend the most money and try to cut costs in those areas
110. Make a budget and come up with some goals
111. Go out to eat less

112. Love myself the most
113. Don’t do all of Architecture Student’s feeling for him
114. Reread and follow Dance of Anger- remember you can only change yourself
115. Only say nice things about him to other people, because you want him to hear back from other people things that will warm his heart not chill it
116. Come up with one nice thing I can do for A.S. every week
117. Appreciate what I have and think of one thing about A.S. that I appreciate every week and tell him so
118. Do more for myself than I ask him to do
119. Respect A.S.’s intelligence by not advising him all the time
120. Remember to do things alone sometimes too

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Elysia said...

Hey, when you fulfill all of these resolutions, can I be you? 8-) I have the exact same list, except for the church parts. I donate money to Doctors Without Borders - I suppose because my mom's a nurse. But other than that, I think your list is great, and I completely dig your blog. Excellent.