Saturday, January 22, 2005

freak hot tubbing accident

Fell off cleanse wagon hardcore, with massive bourbon drinks, followed by a bottle and a half of red wine on an empty stomach in a hot tub. Oh the sillyness of it all. Oh the joy of vino after a week point five without. And oh the horror of whacking off big toenail on the side of aforementioned hot tub and bleeding like a wounded sow all over famous author's pool house.

And hopping like a shrieking toad around author's house fending off boyfriend's ministrations, yelling, "For God's Sake, don't TOUCH it!!!" and hyperventilating on the way home and throwing up in front yard, where Architecture Student was very kind to me. Why do toes hurt so bad? And everything makes it worse- looking at it, having the sheets touch it when you're sleeping, labradors with patty paws, any shoes (but especially kittenish heels). At least it's not beach season where everyone would turn green at the sight of me in flipflops.

Dang, now I can't go running for, um, an eternity? At least have been amply punished for Friday night sins, as spent entire Saturday lying in bed trying to breathe shallowly and whamming my phone into powder.

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